Flaming Torch Newspaper
Blasts Pastor O'Neal's Book,

"Blunders and Boo-Boos of Baptist Briders"

Some time ago I wrote a little book called, "Blunders and Boo-Boos of Baptist Briders." I'm a strong independent Baptist. I have only pastored independent Baptist churches. I don't preach at Southern Baptist or other types of Baptist churches. On vacation I never visit anything but independent Baptist churches.

However, there are many ideas held by some Baptists, who are sometimes called Baptist Briders and at other times are called Landmarkers, which are just not scriptural. For information on how to get a copy of the book I wrote which exposes these errors,

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An article appeared in the July, 1998 issue of The Flaming Torch, a newspaper published by a fellow named Don Edwards, a former evangelist who is presently off the road and working at this time, I believe, as a security guard. (Addendum - As of this date, March 03, 2003, Brother Edwards informs me that he has not worked as a security guard for two years and that he still does meetings whenever he is invited.) This particular article, written by a layman named Herb Evans, shows how certain Baptists go "ballistic" when their own traditions are exposed (I say this partly "by faith." As of Nov. 19, 1998, I have still only read a few lines of Herb's article. He's a very wordy fellow, and most of what I have seen by him has been exceedingly boring.). For an excellent, brief response to Evans by a man of whom it was said to me by a pastor who knows him well, "This guy knows the Bible better than most pastors,"

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