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Photos of Some of my Preacher Friends


Mar. 20, 2009

Here are a few photographs of preacher friends. God has given me many friends across the country. As I get the opportunity, I will take some photos and get them posted here. Please pray for these men of God. The devil is out to destroy them. I am grateful for their friendship!

For photographs of these precious preachers, click on the links below.

Greg Brackin -- Pastor of Lanier Open Bible Baptist Church, Maryville, TN, this faithful pastor has been a kindred spirit on issues of salvation such as "the sinner's prayer," repentance, and the gospel. I've been privileged to preach for him and his precious flock several times.

Tom Hatley -- Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church, Maryville, TN, this dear friend is an unusual combination of dispensationalism (Larkin-type) and soul-winning.

Johnny Campbell -- Self-named "Johnny the Baptist," Brother Campbell has been kinder to me than any preacher in many years. Pray for his health as he is maintaining a grueling schedule of driving around the country.

April 27, 2000 (Note: Brother Wright and Brother Roberson are now with the Lord)

Leroy Wright -- Pastor for many years of Bible Baptist Church in Pascagoula, Mississippi, this man has been the most consistent, dearest friend and the greatest influence upon me in my ministry.

Jim Fellure -- My first independent Baptist pastor, who trained me for the ministry, now getting scriptures to missionaries and to the lost through the ministry of his son, Tim's, church, Victory Baptist Church in Milton, Florida.

Evangelist Hugh Pyle -- Longtime pastor, evangelist, author, and columnist for The Sword of The Lord. So far, the best endorsement I have squeezed out of him for my own books has been, "You have some good TITLES." (Some people say that about my sermons, too.)

Pastors Bob Nolan and Caroll Turbeville -- Two pastor friends who have been a great encouragement to me through the Internet, although we have only met once or twice.

Bucky Halford -- Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Blythe, GA, a faithful preacher and dear friend

Lee Roberson -- He preached for us at age 88, and we broke all attendance records for the year -- on Labor Day Weekend, 1998!!! He has trained more pastors of independent Baptist churches than any man alive.

Red Andrews, Age 19 -- I'm glad God is still calling young men to the ministry!

Henry Van Wye -- Ministering in the Atlanta area, this dear brother is one of the most encouraging preachers I know.

Gene Wisehart and Darran Richmond -- Brother Wisehart, founding pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Valdosta, GA, has been my friend since the early 70's. He pastored his church for over three decades. The young man in the middle is Darran Richmond. Darran was saved under Brother Wisehart's ministry, married my daughter, and is now my assistant pastor.

Moving!!! -- Brother Wisehart preached our 1998 Homecoming. We had dinner on the grounds at our new property. When the photo was taken, we had just put up a sign on the land.

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