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(Below is an official statement from Leland Kennedy, President of Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, concerning the dismissal of Graduate School of Theology Professor Ron Minton. My own comments will follow - Pastor O'Neal)

628 East Kearney
Springfield, Missouri 65803

June 17, 1998

Dear Pastor:

I am still rejoicing over the Great May Fellowship Meeting that was held on our campus. It was truly a "Tribute to Baptist Bible College". The response of our BBFI Pastors and Churches was phenomenal. Exceeding our offering goal was so exciting and it will enable us to continue progress. I am also excited about the fall enrollment potential. At this time we are 50 ahead of last year's number for new students. What positive blessings these are.

I must at this time inform you of a recent decision. I regret, but feel it was necessary to terminate, Dr. Ron Minton's tenure at the Graduate School. May I quickly say that this decision was not brought about by any pressure placed on me by any individual or faction of our Fellowship; nor was it for Dr. Minton's position on the Word of God, or any other doctrinal reason. The decision was mine, based on the continued insubordination of Dr. Minton. I truly regret having to make this decision but it was a matter of principle and conscience for me. There is a premium at times to be paid for integrity. I must in my leadership continue to do what I deem best for Baptist Bible College. Your understanding and prayers will be deeply appreciated.


Leland R. Kennedy, President




In my opinion, the firing of Ron Minton was politically expedient. Leland Kennedy could not afford to keep a man on staff who simply would not keep quiet about his beliefs on the King James Bible issue, especially on the Internet.

Although the dismissal of Brother Minton from Baptist Bible College was a good move in every way, the problem remains. Minton was not dismissed for his weak position on the Bible. He was dismissed strictly for insubordination and for the fact that the school could not afford for it to be common knowledge how one of the graduate school professors believed about the King James Bible. In other words, Minton was told to KEEP QUIET outside of the classroom, especially on the Internet, about the Bible version controversy. He couldn't, or wouldn't, do it. Brother Kennedy had no choice, although he and Brother Minton believe alike about Bible versions.

The school has a GOOD written policy about the King James Bible. Unfortunately, it does not appear there are any staff members in positions of power and influence at the college to enforce the policy.

My prediction: Dr. Kennedy will find a replacement for Brother Minton who will probably take almost the same position, but will be able to be more subtle and will be able to keep his mouth shut.

MINTON-GATE appears to be over. THE BATTLE OVER THE BIBLE at BBC is only just begun.

Michael D. O'Neal
July 11, 1998

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