I'm Pastor Mike O'Neal, and I'm the host of THE FUNDAMENTAL FORUM, a discussion bulletin board on the online service, Delphi. THE FUNDAMENTAL FORUM is THE place for fundamentalists on the Internet! There's no place on the Internet like THIS place, and I want to tell you how you can try it out!

The Fundamental Forum (FF) is really great, because you get to have some discussion with other fundamentalists without all of the infidels, atheists, etc. interrupting. You see, in order to take part in the FF, you have to agree to abide by the FF Constitution, AND you have to give a brief public testimony of conversion (that other crowd has no testimony).

The forum was begun in June, 1994, by Mark Harshman, a member of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Due to personal limitations, Brother Harshman turned the reins of the forum over to me in October, 1995. I had spent a little over a year prior to that as the forum's co-host.

Besides the discussion and fellowship, you will find Bible studies, news of interest to Christians, prayer requests, book reviews, and alliterated sermon outlines posted regularly. THE FUNDAMENTAL FORUM is a place where Bible-believing fundamentalists can enjoy themselves. We even have a HUMOR topic in which jokes are posted regularly.


If you have your own Internet Service Provider and are reading this note on our Web page, you can join Delphi and access our forum for FREE! Here's what you do:

1. Write me at I will send you a copy of THE FUNDAMENTAL FORUM Constitution for you to browse. If you agree to abide by it while participating on the forum, I will enter your email address in our access list and give you the URL for the forum.

2. When you plug the URL into your browser, it will take you to a Delphi log-in page. Choose the option to join Delphi (it's FREE), being sure to plug in the same email address that you gave me. Choose your own Delphi name and password in the joining procedure. Write down your password; you can choose to have the password stored on your computer, if you wish, so you don't have to type it in each time. 3. Within a week, your first post to our forum should be a brief testimony of your assurance of salvation.

I sure would like to see you in the Fundamental Forum. Why not give it a try?

God bless...

Your Fundamental Forum Host, Michael D. O'Neal (Prov. 11:30)
Pastor, Gospel Light Baptist Church
P.O. Box 3071 (235 Roosevelt Ave.)
Albany, GA 31706
912-432-0039 (Church) 912-698-2127(Parsonage)

** (Scriptures in my notes are from the
Authorized Version 1611 KJV
and are used by permission of the Author - Eph. 6:17)

The Fundamental Forum is THE place to be...
for Bible-believing fundamentalists on the Internet!!!

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