By Pastor Michael D. O'Neal

Gospel Light Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia

Nov. 7, 1997

After a period of 90 days of exile from Billy Hamm's Baptist Pastors email list (which was originally designed for pastors listed in the BBFI directory but also includes BBFI missionaries, former pastors, evangelists, and other interested parties), I was reinstated by the list moderator Bob Woosley. Upon reinstatement I observed that little had changed. The same men were basically taking the same positions. The leftwingers on the list continued to speak highly of Billy Graham, Promise Keepers (although some of them began to see problems with PK), women's pants, preachers in shorts, and modern "bible" perversions (NKJV, NIV, etc.). The rightwingers continued to speak against these same people and issues.

Eventually, Bob Woosley's gavel came swinging down. He announced that list member Shelton Cole and I were given a suspension of 30 days. This was around Nov. 1. As had happened with my previous suspension, I was not given the exact offense I had committed. At least this time I was given public notice of my suspension and its duration. Woosley merely said he had received a sufficient number of complaints from list members. He has enacted a rule (which does not apply to himself, of course) whereby three complaints from list subscribers is sufficient excuse for him to kick someone off the list. This could keep me kicked off indefinitely, of course, because I have more than three guys on the list who get aggravated every time they see my signature file at the bottom of each note, which I reproduce here:

God bless...

Michael D. O'Neal (1 Cor. 15:58), Pastor
Gospel Light Baptist Church, P.O. Box 3071 (235 Roosevelt Ave.)
Albany, GA 31706 912-432-0039 (church) 912-698-2127 (Parsonage)
(Scriptures in my notes are from the Authorized Version 1611
- KJV - and are used by permission of the Author - Eph. 6:17)
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In between suspensions, an alternative list was started up by my partner in exile, Pastor Shelton Cole. It was called a BBF Pastors Only List, although an exception was made for my good friend, former pastor and now staff member of Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College, Dr. Marvin McKenzie. So far I have not been kicked off Brother Cole's list, although I have already been involved in controversy there with leftwingers who have subscribed to his list. As a matter of fact, at least one of them has already taken statements of mine on the BBF Pastors Only List (run by Shelton Cole) and repeated them on the Pastors List (run by Billy Hamm and Bob Woosley), misrepresenting me by inaccurate quotes and conclusions without my having opportunity to correct them.

Although Bob Woosley periodically announces that he is as conservative as anybody (he usually does this right before he argues with or pronounces judgment upon one of the list's conservative members), in practice he habitually leans toward and favors the leftwing brethren and he constantly rebukes, rebuts, and disassociates himself from the rightwing brethren. By no means is he an impartial moderator.

Shelton Cole has endeavored so far to be fair and impartial on his BBF Pastors Only list, but he is definitely on the conservative end of the spectrum in his beliefs.

Meanwhile, THE FUNDAMENTAL FORUM, an application-only discussion group hosted by myself since 1995 on the online service, Delphi, is now accessible from the Web. Formerly a person had to buy a Delphi membership in order to participate in our forum. However, now Delphi offers free Webside memberships, and once on Delphi a person need only type in the URL for our forum, so no cost is involved. Contrary to the requirement of the other two lists that a person be associated with the BBFI, a person merely has to agree to abide by THE FUNDAMENTAL FORUM constitution in order to participate on our list.

There are numerous email discussion lists, and more and more of them are being started by Bible believers. I will mention one other list here, Pastor Jim Schoolfield's Fundamental Truth list, on which I have been a participant for a year or two. Jim Schoolfield is a Bible-believing independent Baptist. He offers the distinct option of participating in a debate list and/or a non-debate list. (Since this article was written, the list's moderator has changed from Jim Schoolfield to Terry Stewart.)

For information on how to join these discussion lists, merely click on the names below to send a brief email request to:

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